ANDERLING tekst & taal






Thank you for your interest in ANDERLING text & language, a freelance translation company owned and operated by Marinka Vredegoor (1978).

Translation is more than copying words from a dictionary. It involves a thorough knowledge of customer, style, culture and terminology. I can offer you just that!

My services include translating from English to Dutch at a very reasonable rate of € 30 p/hour*.

I translate the following:

  • websites
  • manuals for consumer electronics (televisions, mobile phones, domestic appliances)
  • computers (software, printers, scanners, all in ones, laptops, drivers, FAQs)
  • games
  • (employee) surveys, newsletters
  • general texts
  • general terms and conditions, EULAs

Please contact me if you need a translation. ANDERLING is ready for business!

* If you represent a translation agency different rates apply due to CAT-tool word counts. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to receive an overview of these specific rates.